March 2, 2023

Very nice review of Steffen Schorn´s Camille Claudel / World premiere in Munic

Review by Adam Olschewski from Jazzpodium / March 2, 2023

Camille Claudel Jazzpodium Februar 2023

The outstanding arranger of large and medium formats Steffen Schorn sketches in his current work so as profoundly as filigree the sculptress Camille Claudel and describes in his contribution how he came to this. Schorn places in the centre of the work the stunning singer Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer,

……Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, whom Schorn met in Norway, approaches the material and the music with both rapt attention and involvement and yet – in this dramatic life story – manages without any superficial drama. Meyer is an archaic before the Lord. Her singing originates from the beginnings of language, where things still had to be comprehensively felt, were not yet formed from speech sound – wordlessly, with clicking sounds, questioning breaths, she involves herself and us in a fundamental conversation about nothing in particular and everything in particular. Meyer does not even raise her voice. Her discord in the intricate and loose duets with bass flute or the monologues over the tuba rhythms of Lars Andreas Haug or a base of several harmonicas are among the highlights. Meyer makes definitive that the evening of searching as well as exceedingly tight tentet actions lasts long.