December 9, 2023

“The liturgy of the breath” at Kulturkirken Jakob

Over the past year, I have worked closely with Liv Kristin Holmberg and her doctorate at the Norwegian Academy of Music on Art Liturgy. She has been researching the field between liturgy and art for several years.

The Art Liturgy could be described as a ritualistic musical theatre based on utopian philosophy, wherein Holmberg develop new liturgical elements for existential events and life transitions: A sort of metaphysical theatre of the real.

I was invited to collaborate as composer and singer to develop a concept and musical material, specially composed for one of Holmberg´s – what she calls – art liturgical experiments: The liturgy of breath and a development of new liturgical music.

The commissioned composition is written as a surround based music for voice soloist, organ pipes, 2 accordions, baryton voice and children voices. White noise plays an important role in the piece as a musical material which combines the sound of breath and spirit. In the Norwegian language there is one word for those terms: Ande.

I explore more and more magic and enormous possibilities and of vocal white noise sounds and the variety of stories told in this materiality.

It has been and is a pleasure to participate in the process and exciting conversations that have contributed to the development of: The liturgy of the breath.

On November 14th 2023 this event took place in Kulturkirken Jakob/Oslo.

The performance was full booked and we are planning new events.