July 29, 2023

Review from the XIV Letni Festiwal

Concert at the classical festival XIV Letni Festiwal JERZEGO WALDORFF at the castle Radziejovicach by Warsaw Chamber ensemble with string quartet and band, a small version of Grzech Piotrowsk´s World Orchestra.

Great audience and great musicians.

From the review:

We have put the second day of the XIV SUMMER FESTIVAL behind us. JERZEGO WALDORFF full of emotion. Here is a report by Monica Borkowska and a large selection of photos by Bartosz Szustakowski.

“Music that goes straight to the heart”
Behind us is a unique concert from the borders of jazz, world music and folk. Grzech Piotrowski’s amazing band moved the audience, introduced them to extremely different states – nostalgia, joy, ecstasy. We witnessed the creative process happening before our eyes….

…Grzegorz Piotrowski chose songs from all his work for this evening, released on several dozen albums. The program was extremely diverse. An artist who fills the space “in between” is difficult to classify unambiguously – between instruments (because he is a multi-instrumentalist), between styles, between genres.

In the second part of the concert, he invited Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, a phenomenal Norwegian singer, who enchanted the audience, on stage. She uses her voice in a traditional way, and also uses advanced vocal techniques. She opens m. in. sounds of nature, we heard birds singing woven into the songs, sounds imitating water dripping in an underground cave, a bear Ruth singing her heart out. It is not only an operating with the hands. Propose your vision to your audience in motion…..

Photos by Bartosz Szustakowski.