December 1, 2022

Recording Camille Claudel – an inner opera by Steffen Schorn

After premiere in Bayrischer Rundfunk, the Oper Camille Claudel- an inner opera, was recorded in the concert hall of Deutschlandfunk in Köln. 9 instrumentalists and Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer as voice soloist. The vocal score is specially written for her voice.

The German composer Steffen Schorn has created a non verbal opera based on life, work and destiny of the sculpturer Camille Claudel.

The opera had its premiere in the chamber music hall in Bayrischer Rundfunk, München 16. November, 2022 and was also performed in Konstanz and Heinsberg. The opera was recorded in Deutschlandfunk 20-24.Nov. and performed in Nuremberg in December and will be released autumn 2024.

The ensemble contains of nine wind instruments, harp and piano in addition to Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer. The vocal is specially written for her multi voice expressions.