Lokeslottet – The Loki Castle

Det Norske Solistkor and Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer

LOKESLOTTET is a commissioned vocal composition for Det Norske Solistkor/ The Norwegian Soloist Choir. The piece is a part of Soloist Choirs main project the upcoming 3 years: An ocean of voices, where the focus will the Ocean.

The piece is inspired by a location in the Norwegian Ocean in the depth of 2400 meter, with the same name as the piece: LOKESLOTTET- the Loki Castle. Several undersea volcanos with valuable deposits of minerals and metals with it a rich number of until now unknown living organisms of various art.

LOKESLOTTET had its world premiere in Univeristetets Aula Oslo February 10th 2023.

YouTube video

Photos from the premiere

Photos from Lokeslottet

© Senter for dyphavsforskning, Universitetet i Bergen