May 23, 2022

One Voice orchestra project

Orchestrations of Ruth Wilhelmine Meyers voice orchestrated into multi voice expressions. The project will content variations of stage performances and recordings.

A full scale album will be released in 2024.



Live variations that has taken place:

Extensio_01-  at VOXLAB vårfest Sentralen/ Oslo 2020 a work for voice and speaker orchestra, together with  composre/ sounddesigner Julian Skar.

Utsolgt! Flerkanalsverk for stemmer //VårFEST 2020

Ways of breath  at VoxLAB Vårfest Sentralen/ Oslo  2021 together with

EAU – Electric Audio Unit and professor Natasha Barrett


Vi :……………. a part of the TRALL APP: ….få engelsk versjon

VoxLab 2021 Sentralen Ruth