Composing and performing HAUGEBONDEN (the heap farmer) commissioned work for the 30th anniversary of the folk music festival Telemarkfestivalen in Bø/ Telemark: With: Tuva Syvertsen – Voice/ Hardanger fiddle Per Anders Buen Garnås – Hardanger fiddle Espen Leite – accordion Silje Onstad Hålien- choreography 12 young dancers from the talent program of Folk music in Telemark. Kyrre Heldal Karlsen- visual design/ … Continue reading TELEMARKFESTIVALEN in Bø i Telemark


NÜRNBERG, May 2019 Honoured to be the artist in residence at the jazzfestival in Nürnberg: Jazz Studio Nürnberg I Young Lions On Stage mit Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer Working close and doing a concert with Steffen Schorn and his jazz students. In addition: A duo concert with Helge Lien

San Fransisco

CALIFORNIA april 2019 Doing two Solo vocal concerts in Berkley and San Fransisco April 2019 and participating in the seminar “Nordic Sounds” in Carmel, California. Folk music from the nordic countries in education presented by me and my finish colleagues Elisa Seppänen, Soili Perkiö, and from Iceland: Kristin Valsdottir, Elfa Lilja Gisladottir and Nanna Hlif. From The San Fransisco school of music: … Continue reading San Fransisco


HEXE AT VEGA SCENE april 2019 Performing HEXE at the VoxLAB VÅRFEST at Vega scene/ Oslo. With Øystein Elle/ vocal and Jo David Meyer Lysne/ prepared guitar. Stage textile by textile artist Inger Johanne Rasmussen.


Duo concert with Lars Andreas Haug/ tuba in the legendary concert hall of old Radio Bremen: Sendesaal. Konzert im dunkeln / Concert in the dark, with great review. … it is the sensitive exploration of the acoustic potential by the two musicians, the interplay of space and sound that creates this mystical atmosphere … … A fascinating listening experience … Gerd Klingeberg … Continue reading SENDESAAL/ BREMEN February 2019


A project with the famous Norwegian organ player and composer Nils Henrik Asheim and the multi vocalist Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer. New CD released 14th October 2018. On the basis of sacral tunes from different origins, they are here searching for a related sonic world between organ and voice. Visit the projekt on Nils Henrik Asheim’s site

Singer / Vocal artist