February 23, 2014

Membran – The testament of Beethoven

membranVisual concert at Norske Opera og Ballett

A visual concert employing expression from dance and physical theatre that explore the landscape between sound and silence in collaboration with musicians and performance artists with and without hearing impairments. What is sound in a silent space? What is music for those who can’t hear?

  • Artistic director/direction/costumes and set design: Sølvi Edvardsen
  • Composer: Synne Skouen, AKKU, Jana Winderen, Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, Lars Andreas Haug, Lasse P. Nøsted/ NOTAM.
  • Cast: AKKU (Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer, Elfi Sverdrup and Lars Andreas Haug), Rita Lindanger, Ipek Mehlum, Ronny Patrick Jacobsen, Anne-Line L. Kirste, The Norwegian National Opera Chorus .
  • Idea and Project Manager: Rita Lindanger

About Membran in english

Om Membran på norsk

[youtube id=”yyd-27Iqgto” mode=”normal”]

Opening scream

Sung by the operachoir at the norwegian Opera for the piece: Membran- Beethovens testamente. Composed by Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer. Performed at the norwegian Operahouse 11th and 12th of june 2013.