February 23, 2014

Grzech Piotrowski World Orchestra – Concert

22th of March, Grzech Piotrowski World Orchestra had concert together with the Varna Opera Orchester on the Varna music festival at the Opera of Varna by the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Full house!  And very nice audience.

/…/ An incredible musical magic of ethno, jazz and classics on Thursday evening. Theodosii Spasov is the Bulgarian name in the unique project of the Polish saxophonist and conductor Grzech Piotrowski. His formation World Orchestra with original music played on traditional instruments from different cultures shook the audience at the sea for about two hours at the opening of the ninth edition of European Music Festival /…/ 

/…/ And then the heavenly Wilhelmina Ruth Meyer, who is legendary in the jazz world with her five octaves, began to sing in undisputed virtuosity together with the Bulgarian kaval. The newest project of the unique Norwegian singer starts from Denmark, where her voice will draw music pictures of boats in the shape of female bodies.

See more:  www.worldorchestra.eu  www.grzech.org