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Concert in Sofia

Concert in Sofia/ Bulgaria at the wonderful Yellow Brick Road festival. Together with Theodosii Spassov, Marcin Wasilewski, Sebastian Wypych and Grzech Piotrowski:


From a concert at Riksscenen, stage for folk music in Oslo. The song is based on a norwegian folks tune called: tvo duvor ( two doves), learned from my collegue and great folk singer Agnes Buen Garnås. Min folketone Video from: VILLA LOFOTEN Film photographer : Tor Edvin Eliasen Regi: Aaslaug Vaa    


It was a great pleasure to make a concert with Grzech Piotrowski based on his CD: ONE WORLD in the impressing building and concert hall NOSPR in Katovice/ Poland. Grzech Piotrowski, Terje Isungset, Lars Andreas Haug and Ghostman.

Norwegian textile design meets polish furniture design

Wearing the textile sculpture from Marit Eken Kalager on the Hotelgaleria, where both architecture and furniture are made by the owners: Wojtek & Malgosia Zoltowski/Manufaktura69 Hotelgaleria 69 in Dorotowo is placed at a wonderful Mazuri lake by Olsztyn. I can highly recommend this place for recreation and concentration. email: Photos: Małgorzata Żółtowska  

Life- Boats

Vocalperformances at the landart festival in Hanstholm, Nord Danmark: Land.shape. Together with the artist Marit Benthe Norheim, we went to the Land.shape festival to present her Life- Boats project. I did a live performance soloversion of  Life- Sounds.

RiksUltima at Vibrandsøy 1th-5th of june 2015

9500 pupils were brought by boat to the island Vibrandsøy by Haugesund at the west coast of Norway. The aim was to experience aspects of contemporary music outdoor, in boathouses, boat buildig factories and store halls. A great project. Visit RiksUltimas website. It was also a great pleasure to make acoustic live performances with Jaap Blonk for huge groups of children.  


Premiere of NOVELLEVISER (story ballads), written by the author Hilde Lindseth and the composer Marcus Paus at Josefine visefestival An exiting experiment of genre meeting. Visit Marcus Paus website