February 16, 2024

Announcing One Voices in concert March 8th by Ruth Wilhelmine and Nordic Voices

You are warmly welcome to this event One Voices in concert March 8th at Oslo Konserthus (link to tickets). A celebration of three years of intense work and at the same time to hear the new collaboration with Nordic Voices and Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer. Nordic Voices will also perform the work “The impatient bride” by Lasse Thoresen on the occasion of Women’s Day.

About One Voices

On Women’s Day, 8 March, Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer’s new album, “One Voices”, is presented. An album that invites you to a unique sound universe created only by Ruth Wilhelmine’s unmanipulated voice in real time, without loops. Ruth Wilhelmine has created an analog and acoustic voice universe with ultra-precise vocal articulations, seductive melodic lines, breath textures and acoustic structures in an intuitive flow. The music has a crystal clear artistic vision that at times does not sound like voices, but more like a vocal orchestral work. Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer has created a unique production where one wonders if the voice has any limits at all. Experience an unreal world created by a real voice on “One Voices”.

“One Voices” consists of five distinct sound sculptures, each of varying duration. Between these sound environments there are short passages lasting about one minute. These transitions act as a mental whisper, where the listener can release the connection to the previous piece and open the mind to a new listening experience or mental state. The musical material in these short passages consists mainly of different colors of white noise. It is the close connection to the body that is so elegantly handled in One Voices, by layering many versions of the same voice on top of each other. What Ruth Wilhelmine herself describes as orchestration creates a distance to the obviously corporeal and in this way objectifies the subjective by turning it into an architectural element.Three of the works are commissions from various institutions: “Lokeslottet” commissioned by Det Norske Solistkor, “-We-” commissioned for Trallapp, “Trinity” for Liv Kristin Holmberg’s “The liturgy of breath”.

Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer is a distinctive voice artist, multi-vocalist and composer who explores her instrument to create music through vocal timbre timbres with different expressive ranges and colors. The music is filtered through several genres and stylistic expressions that range from the classical vocal tradition, selected ethnic traditions including throat singing, Norwegian folk music, multiphonics, to pure noise music. Her vocal range spans 7 octaves. This makes her sought after for concerts, stage productions, film music, sound installations and recordings all over the world. Meyer collaborates with various instrumentalists and singers all over the world, and is, among other things, a vocal soloist in the Polish World Orchestra/Warsaw under the direction of Grzech Piotrowski, and her Norwegian collaborators include Helge Lien and Nils Henrik Asheim. The opera “Camille Claudel – An Inner Opera” was specially written for her by composer Steffen Schorn, and premiered on Bayrischer Rundfunk in November 2022 and will be released on CD in autumn 2024.

About Nordic Voices

Nordic Voices was formed in 1996 and consists of singers educated at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Academy of Opera. Right from the start, it was a goal to explore the possibilities of the human voice and get composers to write more demanding and exciting music for vocal ensembles. The singers are classically trained, they are familiar with various extended vocal techniques, and always challenge themselves to expand their possibilities. Their close work with a wide range of composers has led to more than 70 world premieres. Nordic Voices masters a wide range of musical styles, everything from folk music and Renaissance music to new works commissioned by composers from all over the world.

In concert, Nordic Voices often presents program concepts that revolve around themes, such as historical figures or poetry, which bring the music to life in several unexpected ways. Artistic creativity, communication, versatility and technical precision are the main ingredients in the perfect recipe for a vocal ensemble. These are precisely the elements that make up Nordic Voices, a six-voice a cappella group that has made waves not only in Norway and Europe, but in places as far away as South Africa, Japan, Bolivia, as well as frequent tours to the USA and Canada.

Nordic Voices are: Tone Elisabeth Braaten (soprano), Ingrid Hanken (soprano), Ebba Rydh (mezzo-soprano), Per Kristian Amundrød (tenor), Frank Havrøy (baritone/tenor), and Rolf Magne Asser (bass).