World Orchestra

Artist: World Orchestra

“World Orchestra” is a very bold idea – to gather virtuosos, sound alchemists, representing distant cultures, playing rare instruments on one stage. Go back to the music of the world, the ancient improvisation of the time when there was no note, when the fathers passed on knowledge to their sons. Together, improvise with singers from Tuva, Mongolia, Scandinavia, from behind the Arctic Circle or Bulgaria. Collide the roots of world music with jazz, impressionism and film music. Finally, find the current masters of instruments, i.e. kaval, duduk, kurai, Moldovan cymbals, harp or Finnish kantela. Preparation of “World Orchestra” is over 18 years of work, concerts, improvement of skills, getting to know musicians from different parts of the world.


  1. Clouds
  2. Bogurodzica
  3. Sirdaria
  4. Barin
  5. Warmiak
  6. Armenian
  7. Yunus Emre
  8. Farvel