One Voices

Foto: Knut Bry

ONE VOICES is a sonic world created by one single unprocessed voice in real time. A vocal orchestra.

The project is composed as one piece consisting of five distinct sonic environments or sound sculptures, each varying in duration. Between these rooms are short passages. These transitional moments serve as a mental reset, allowing the listener to release their connection to the preceding sound and open their minds to a new auditory experience or mental state.

I am in pursuit of a vocal and tactile sound language, one that unveils new sonic realms when various forms of orchestrated vocalization come together in unexpected harmony.

The work is non-verbal and will have its foundation in the sounds own narrative power. The recordings are made in two locations of different acoustic: The Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum/ Oslo in mai 2022 and 2023, a room with 20 seconds reverb, and CasaBlancaStudios – my garden studio, a relatively dry room during spring 2022 and spring 23.

In my compositions, I often choose to omit words, inviting the listener to become a producer and co-creator of the experience.

The final mixing process has been done in a close and excellent cooperation with the producer, Steffen Schorn. My main inspirator is the nature though, who is my real teacher for immersive sound, and for the source for the life of us all.


  1. Entrance
  2. The Loki castle- for single voices
  3. Whisper
  4. Trinity
  5. Serrated
  6. We
  7. Elegy
  8. Conversation I
  9. Reflections
  10. Aftermath


  • Composed and performed by Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer.
  • Mixed and produced by Steffen Schorn in cooperation with RWM.
  • All music recorded and mixed by RWM in CasaBlancaStudio june21- june23.
  • Additional recordings at Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum, mai 23 by Bjørnar Hopland: 04, 06, 07, 09.
  • Preproduction of 01, 08, and 10: by Julian Skar.
  • Preproduction of 09: by Lasse P. Nøsted.
  • Mastered by Alf Christian Hvidsteen.
  • Photos by Knut Bry.
  • Mirror sculptures by Tor Hvamen.
  • Cover design by Anders Hofgaard / NODE design.

Supported by: FFUK, Det norske Komponistfond, NOPA, Komponistenes vederlagfond, Fond for lyd og bilde, Komponistforeningen, TONO and Norsk Kulturråd.